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The Pentagram

The pentagram, or pentangle, is not just an arbitrary symbol of a star; it is a specific representation of the planet Venus based on ancient astronomical observations.

Because the planet Venus has an orbit inside that of the Earth, periodically Venus passes between us and the Sun. This is called a transit of Venus. From the perspective of Earth, Venus disappears from the night sky. When it returns to view, it is in the morning when She rises before the Sun, a Harbinger of the Dawn. In this manifestation Venus is the "Bringer of Light" (Latin = Lucifer) and thus a symbol of enlightenment and illumination.

As a result of the ratio of the orbits of Terra and Venus the successive transits occur one fith of the way around the Sun. So Venus rises as the Morning Star one fifth of the way through the Zodiac and after 5 Transits it returns to the same House. This is a bit of an over simplification but should suffice to explain the source and association of the symbol.

The animation on the right taken from The Venus Transits, The Pentagonal Cycle of Venus: Cycles of the Heart June 8, 2004 & June 6, 2012 by Nick Anthony Fiorenza. It clearly illustrates the pattern created by the successive transits and he goes into great detail as to the effects on the human condition.

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When the pentagram is invoked to represent the human condition it is as continuous cyclic process. Like the five points of the Pyramid, or the five elements of classical Alchemy and Tantra, it is a metaphor for the progress of the spirit towards perfection.

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