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Are You Cursed? | The Pentacle | The Pentagram | Other Rituals

Are you feeling Cursed?

Do you feel cursed, vexed, jinxed or hexed? Research indicates you probably are. Aside from the day-to-day curses of your spouse, neighbors and co-workers there are the institutional curses, such as fatwas, papal bulls and of course the biggest one of all, the Apocalypse. BANISHIT! provides instant relief from all manner of curses using a unique blend of ancient and post-modern technology. Get yours now!

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Why the pentagram

A pentacle is a tool for focusing the will. In the past they were worn around the neck to protect one from outside forces, or beings, whilst performing rituals, or in day to day life. It derives its name from the same roots as the word "pendant". A crucifix is a perfect example. It is the Christian Pentacle. The vertical bar represents the spirit on its axis between heaven and hell. The horizontal axis represents the physical plane. And so the Crucifix is a symbol physical incarnation, the long dark night of the soul, and the descent of the sun at the winter solstice (yuletide).

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The pentagram, or pentangle, when used in Magick, is not just an arbitrary symbol of a star; it is a specific representation of the planet Venus based on ancient astronomical observations.

Because the planet Venus has an orbit inside that of the Earth, periodically Venus passes between us and the Sun. This is called a transit of Venus. From the perspective of Earth, Venus disappears from the night sky. When it returns to view, it is in the morning when it rises before the Sun, a Harbinger of the Dawn. In this manifestation Venus is the "Bringer of Light" (Latin = Lucifer) and thus a symbol of enlightenment and illumination.

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